Money saving tip

Here is a tip, to save money on your energy bill. The new Lenovo comes in a tiny form factor, which weighs less than 3lbs. It has everything it takes for you to excel, starting with a difference you can see and feel in multitasking or multimedia, with up to a 3rd generation Intel® Core™ i7 processor. The latest Intel® technology provides top-of-the line performance for your most demanding tasks, letting you effortlessly move between applications with smart multitasking.

The tiny delivers faster boot time along with robust security features and superior web conferencing performance And if that's not enough, SuperSpeed USB 3.0 ports transfer files up to 10 times faster — especially useful when copying large media files — and charge external devices quickly. Plus, maximize productivity with support of up to three independent displays or four displays in Mosaic Mode without any discrete graphics card.

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